Lipstick Traces

He sat very still as I applied red lipstick to his soft lips. I wondered if he would laugh but he did not – maybe he was afraid to see himself wearing my color. Perhaps the anticipation made his heart race rather quickly, causing him to be silent.

We both enjoyed the lipstick traces as they made a map around necks and shoulders and lower backs and bellies and elbows and foreheads and backs of knees and tops of feet, back to lips meeting lips after the color had worn off completely.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Lipstick Traces”

  1. after some years, once again enjoyed reading this… will add this time that if I were to be the “he” I’d request a color related to but different from your deep red… maybe maroon, or burgundy… or crimson or ruby…. that way the two colors would blend… on the maps… and on the mouths….

      1. Am glad he let you apply the lipstick…. would’ve been more so if he let you apply eye shadow n’ blush…. i’d be fine with eye shadow, some deep/dark/mysterious shade of your choosing….

        (ohhhh and on to another (tho non-naughty) matter… tis a technical thang…. tried yesterday to subscribe, in hopes i’d get email updates to both new writings of yours annnd any replies to my comments… seems all it offered was to add you to my yahoo homepage, so that’s what i did…. buuut checking home page just now, no update notice…. so came here on my own and saw your reply…… soooooo, might you know sumpin’ re how i can get email alerts for this site?)……

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