eye bolts are in the ceiling
visible to the naked eye
eye bolts two of them
round and strong and heavy
screwed into heavy wooded beams

two chains
hang from the eye bolts
thick metal chains
metal clamps on either end
cold to the look and touch

a three foot bar
attached to the chains and clamps
a cold metal bar
trapeze-like suspended in the air
its presence is surreal

thick straps
on either end
of the cold metal bar
leather straps with big snaps
strong black leather straps

a deep brown leather chair
in one corner of the room
it has an old world smell
deep cushions with leather arms
the leather moans with movement

on the leather footstool is a blanket
wool plaid and warm
tossed loosely across the footstool
ready to be used for comfort
to wrap around the shivering body

a small wooden table is next to the chair
three candles are lit but there are more
a silver ashtray with cigarette box
a coaster for the crystal snifter
a leather-bound book of favorite poems

someone is sitting in the chair
sipping on a glass of cognac
legs crossed to reveal
black leather boots with silver tips
a leather whip rests across the lap

a woman is in the room
arms held high above her head
wrists slipped inside
the tight leather straps
her body is fully exposed

she is draped with white chiffon
as if the material were a snake
winding its way around her body
her eyes wide open
as she takes in the room

the fire in the stone fireplace
illuminates her body
she stretches to keep her balance
standing tiptoed
she does as she is told

“Pet, you please me,” the voice whispers to her.

“Thank you, Sir,” she whispers back.

© Catherine Evermore. All rights reserved.

Earned It by The Weeknd

2 thoughts on “Pet”

  1. reading this once again, feeling in the room once again….
    then at the end, saw the song option, so clicked…. and started reading again….
    now further enhanced, the song winding its way around her body….
    (and with her also listening to the music, feeling the music… I imagine her eyes going from wide open to lidded, feeling the dreaminess… awaiting… wanting… whatever comes next)….

  2. The song is from “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Happy to hear you liked it. The YouTube video (if you can find it) is something to see.

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