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I don’t know what is wrong with the WordPress Reader these days, but mine is totally screwed up. There are no notices about new posts from friends, and the “like” button isn’t working. In fact, nothing is working as it should.

Is there a way to fix these problems? I don’t know but if anyone out there has a suggestion to make then I’m open to whatever you have to offer.

Thanks! ~ce


3 thoughts on “WordPress Reader”

      1. I have been battling the happiness engineers over the reader for a year, now. Don’t even get me started on their little “Pro Plan” package from last year and their screwed up server migration that got some of my videos stuck in the reader’s cache. The videos run fine on my site but, in the reader…some don’t play at all or there is just a picture of the video, thumb-nailed and linking to my actual site…instead of functioning in the reader. I pointed all of that out to them and sent them screen captures. Their response? “Yep. It is caught in the cache. We’re not sure what to do about that.”

        Excuse me???!!!

        I gave up on uploading video into “videopress” and moved to YouTube. YouTube short code works well. If you like BitChute or Rumble, you have to have an iFrame plug-in for them to work…and THEY won’t show up in the phone reader (jetpack)!!!

        WP has been jacked up for a while.

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