2 thoughts on “They Say a Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words”

  1. Joe Biden would have us believe that respecting America, loving our families, wanting a good education for our children, praying to God, standing for the National Anthem, and respecting our flag makes Republicans semi-Fascists.

    Joe Biden would have us believe that we are a threat to America.

    The real threat is Joe Biden and the far left liberals with their insane ideology.

    1. Biden doesn’t even know what planet he is on. He is just a marionette. O’dammit & the Davos Demons are controlling the narrative. I’m not particularly fond of Trump. I didn’t vote for him (I didn’t vote at all) in 2016 but, was spectacularly amused when bitchface lost. I did vote for him in 2020 because I could see the writing on the wall. I knew Dems would bust hell wide open to stop him and, I couldn’t stand Bite-me. I didn’t like his racist ass 30 years ago and I knew the CON-VID would be 1000 times worse under his hidden entourage.

      Reasons for his Hitler-style ravings? Some suggestions:

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