The High-Speed, Two Hour Chase That Never Happened

Harry and Meghan have to be the most detestable grifters in the media today. Seriously. Those two will do anything to get attention while claiming they want their privacy.

As the story goes, Meghan was given an award in New York City. Then they took a cab ride through the streets of the city that lasted two hours because they were trying to avoid the paparazzi. Somehow they ended up at a police station.

Anyone with half a brain knows that no one taking a cab ride in New York City is going to see it turn into a high-speed chase. It’s not going to happen.

Furthermore, a cab ride in NYC isn’t going to last for two hours.

People walk faster than most cab rides in NYC.

Was Harry and Meghan’s high-speed chase caught on camera by anyone? Nope!

I rest my case … CE

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