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Each morning and throughout the day I see more and more hateful messages from Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Crist. It’s gotten so bad that I finally had to block them.

Joe Biden has gone beyond batshit crazy. The man has got to be removed from office.

Nancy Pelosi sounds more drunk each day. Seriously. Looking at her is painful and listening to her is even worse.

As for Charlie Crist, he has flip-flopped parties in Florida to benefit just one person … Charlie Crist. Here is his record:

Charlie Crist is a former REPUBLICAN governor of Florida and he was awful.
Crist LOST his bid (twice) to be a REPUBLICAN senator in 1998 & 2010.
Crist LOST his bid to be an INDEPENDENT senator in 2010.
Crist LOST his bid to be a DEMOCRAT governor in 2014.

Charlie Crist is a LOSER and he is WRONG for Florida!

Then there is Kathy Hochul of New York. She has jumped on the “Let’s hate Governor DeSantis, Republicans and Florida” train to nowhere. The woman was not elected governor of New York. She inherited the job when whatshisname (Cuomo) resigned. She is a nutjob if ever there was one.

The failing governor of California, Newsom, has also joined the choir of “Let’s Hate DeSantis.” Newsom is a guy who has destroyed the economy of CA and he thinks he knows what is best for Florida.

Governor DeSantis kept Florida open during the pandemic which is why liberals were flocking here to live and/or vacation. What a bunch of hypocritical losers. Personally, I wish all liberals would go back to their home states and never come to Florida ever again.

Peace out … ~CE

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