Vogue and the Zelenskys

(Vogue Magazine)

While a war rages on in Ukraine, the Zelenskys took time out of their busy bombing schedule to pose for Vogue Magazine.

I have issues with this magazine for many different reasons, the latest photos being just one of them.

As much as it pisses me off to see our politicians and so-called celebrities fly to Ukraine for photo ops, the Vogue Magazine photo shoot infuriates me.

Why? Well, I will tell you why.

  • The photo shoot with Vogue Magazine is in bad taste.
  • Tens of thousands of bodies lay dead all over Ukraine.
  • Tens of thousands have been seriously wounded.
  • Cities have been destroyed.
  • Millions had to flee their country because of the war.

That leads to Mr. and Mrs. Zelensky. I don’t know much about their background, and I can’t verify if they are corrupt or not. There are many reports that Ukraine is a corrupt country. It would not surprise me if the reports were true but I don’t know for sure.

Personally, I’ve had it with the United States sending money and weapons to Ukraine without anything being accounted for by Ukraine. We just keep handing over blank checks. While we don’t have boots on the ground, we sure as hell are paying for their war.

Maybe this would be a good place to stop my rant. That’s what I will do … for now.

Peace out … Catherine

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      1. Yeah. Tell me about it. They must be doing their forced transition to the Gutenberg editor. 2022 was the deadline to switch to it or get a Classic editor plug-in.

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