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I remember attending a football game on New Year’s Day many years ago, and Stanford University was the opposing team. What I remember most about Stanford was that their mascot was a TREE.

Today, Stanford University is promoting their index of “harmful language” that it recommends be erased from the school’s websites. The list includes the terms “American” and “Hispanic.”

My reply to Stanford University is this:

Dear Stanford:

I’m an straight white American woman, and I often brown bagged my lunch during my working years. While it’s never easy for anyone to be the black sheep of the family, let’s not beat a dead horse. OK? I’m wondering how many of your students got grandfathered in as freshmen? BTW, I love firemen, and I miss my grandfather who was the epitome of a gentleman.

Signed: Catherine

Here are a few examples of words Stanford wants banned.

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  1. I get so tired of this crap from academia … you expect the woke crowd to be crazy, but you would think that academics would at least know their control speech has gone over the top. They should just pass their craziness on to each other by word of mouth …

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